Apple //e versus stupid use....1-0

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Apple //e versus stupid use....1-0

Dear All,

Lately i have been working on my //e a bit...with a mindboggling rate of success Smile

Problem with me sofar was a severe lack of reading abillities.
Problem with my old laptop was that microphone-in port was broken.
Problem with the machine sofar was that i don't have 5.25" diskettes with applesoftware for it, didnt even know if the diskdrives work.

Soooooo...on the old laptop i desperatly tried to get ADTPro working, to no avail (all of above problems do apply) Sad

After some googling i found "".
Now on the new-ish laptop i tested the audio, full checkmarks awarded.
Followed directions on asciiexpress to the letter........and it works Smile
Moved on to ADTPro, after "read&obey first, make my own stupid mistakes later" that also works!!!!

So it seems i do have a fully operational //e with duodisk and tilting greenscreen sitting at my desk Smile Smile
Some day soon im gone check for serial connction, there is a centronics on flatcable and db25 on thinround cable sticking out of a hole in the case....that just might be my ticket to faster access Smile

Sofar im aa very very happy puppy, gone play around with the .dsk files and the diskettes i found Smile

Grtz, PymerOne.

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Re: Apple //e versus stupid use....1-0

Welcome to Apple Fritter and congratulation on your successes of getting the Apple ][e working..

If you have any questions, feel free to ask... There is Lots of Apple ][ experience here... Wink


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Re: Apple //e versus stupid use....1-0

Dear MarkO,

Thank you for your kind words Smile
I'm mighty happy with this run-of-the-mill me it is very special Smile
Now i wasnt born yesterday, i do know there is lotsa peeps far more knowledgeable than me.
Usually step one is googling till my fingers bleed, (i.e. asking random strangers for as many conflicting, uneducated and biassed opinions as possible) and then seek counsil at apropriate forum.
As it happens, google and me were able to do the things this lovely little machine needs to get going Smile
There is still that semi-serial card in it that reads:
Interface LKG
40003063 iss3
Sofar i thinks its a card belonging to some sort of medical aparatus...dunno if i can make use of it for setting up a common serial connection.

Grtz, PymerOne.

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