Apple II A2S1 s/n 17852 and parts

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Apple II A2S1 s/n 17852 and parts

Hello, my aim was to achieve a fully working end of '70s workstation but some things went wrong (see below). What I'm selling: 

- Apple II A2S1 s/n 17852, working
 - 2x Disk II drivers, untested cause I don't have original Interface Card 

- Apple Writer 1.1 original disk

- Apple Silentype printer (damaged during shipment, electronic should work but some ironing is needed, including 5 original thermal paper rolls sealed)

- Apple II Parallel Printer Interface board

- Italian user guide. I'm from Italy, so 220V psu

- VidHD (2019) board for HDMI video output

I have original monitor but it doesn't work, can't stay powered on I think it's an electric failure, that's why I bought the VidHD. I don't include it as i suspect shipping cost will be more than value, but if you are interested in it also let me know.

Price: 5000$

For any query or more info needed don't hesitate to ask