Apple II Plus Power Supply Failure

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Apple II Plus Power Supply Failure

I powered up my Apple II Plus for the first time in probably over a decade last night (which I bought new in 1980). After running for a while a burning odor was detected; I shut off and uplugged the unit, removed the cover, and detected a thin stream of smoke coming out of the power supply. Is there a list of compatible and available new supplies to be used as a replacement? I was going to survey the damage but could not easily/quickly remove the p/s cover, it seemed like it was welded shut.

I appreciate any advice!


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Yes and Yes.

Normally they are riveted shut and you have to drill out the rivets.  Then the most common is a big ugly yellow cap or RFI Cap. Gets crakced with age and goes out. You really don't need it. But you can order a replacement. That is what normally goes out. If not you can get another PSU from Reactive Micro.





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