Apple II RGB card questions

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Apple II RGB card questions

Hello all,
Just wondering what the best configuration is for text and graphics games on the apple II. I've using a PAL TV with my Apple IIe PAL version and seems ok. Would I get a crisper picture with a RGB card and a RGB apple Monitor?


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Re: Apple II RGB card questions

that depends.... some Apple II´s with PAL and a PAL-TV-Set get excelent crisp picture and some don´t .... there are some factors that vary from modell to modell.... only a picture will enable us to answer that question....
in cases with not so good picture a RGB card will deliver better picture and in some cases the result is just comparable equal to the PAL-output.... if using a short cable to the TV-set and if the output is tuned well on the tv-set and the apple has been trimed to optimum at the output the picture will nearly be equal to the output of an RGB card.....

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