Apple II SchoolBus Card

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Apple II SchoolBus Card

Hello! I recently aquired a SchoolBus networking card and some promotional information about the device. From what I've learned, the card allows several Apple IIs to share disk drives and a printer to cut down on costs and manage what students can access. I don't have any of the connectors for the card, or an other instructional/informational materials. 


Does anyone have any information on the SchoolBus card? I am looking for: 

1) Any info/knowledge you might have about it

2) Anyone who has actually used it would be cool

3) Scans/pics of manuals or pictures of the network in action. 


It seems to not have been widely released, I could be wrong, but I haven't found out much about it. I am a grad student researching early k-12 classroom technology, and I'd apprecaite any info.