Apple II+ System

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Apple II+ System

Recently bought a II+ system from a gent. The system included a number of cards including a Thunderclock+, Softcard and languagecard, Everex 80 column card, etc.

Unfortunately, I keep coming back to a //e that I bought several years ago because that's what my folks bought me back in 198? I think it was my 15th birthday but we won't talk about the actual year. I might have taken a few parts from the II+ since there were some issues... now the //e is quite nice but the II+ is a little light on hardware now.

Anyway, I have an Apple IIGS RGB monitor and it seems that there are some //e options that might work with RGB monitors. Can anyone comment on the various cards? I have a Garrett's Workshop 8 MB RAM card installed and would like to use RGB if possible. Otherwise, the //e is pretty damn cool anyway as I got several years of entertainment out of my original one (which I wish I could get back but the guy that bought it from me trashed it...).

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The //gs monitor is analogue

The //gs monitor is analogue RGB, the Apple //e RGB cards are for TTL/Digital RGB displays. You can modify the cards to work, but that is an imperfect option. Otherwise it is not compatible with any //e RGB card. Those cards work with the AppleColour Monitor 100, and with TTL monitors of the era with the right signal adapter, such as CGA monitors, and the 1084.


Here is a description of what is needed, to adapt the Apple card:


I use the aforementioned AppleColour Monitor 100 on my //e with the AE RGB sidecard card for the RAMWorks. I would rate that as the best RGB/TTL card for the system, but that is because it allows selection of the text colour on a jumper, while the Checkmate card needs a PAL chip for each colour (GL finding those), and the Apple card always uses amber text); and it has a lot of RAM. 

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