Apple II+ the whole tree!

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Apple II+ the whole tree!

Selling my entire (modest) collection of European  II+ and one e.

An early (probably 1st year of import)  Apple II Europlus  in good working order in its ORIGINAL BOX. All manuals and discs, Disc controller card and two drives all working. (One disc drive also in original box)
Revision 4 motherboard, 1978 (48k). Machine Ser no 30272   USA built machine, not the European assembled version.
Original DOS discs and manuals: Apple Reference Manual, DOS 3.3 manual; Applesoft Tutorial; Applesoft reference manual,
Game paddles.
PLUS a second Apple II Europlus for spares/repair (PSU fault and not the filter capacitor, no -5v or -12v), and an Apple IIe  - powers up into Basic but no disc read.
The sound system mentioned earlier is no longer available.
PLUS 128k memory/language extension card - not tested
PLUS Wizard BPO card - not tested
PLUS parallel printer card - not tested
PLUS 80 column card for the IIe
PLUS RF modulator
TOTAL of 3 disc controller cards and five disc drives. (Not all tested)
All on ebay starting at £500 - about $600 these days...
I'm in UK so shipping would have to be added.
Any questions?