Apple iic monitor stand

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Apple iic monitor stand

Hi I'm looking for an apple iic monitor stand. I've been scrounging ebay for a little while here and I can't find anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The guy I bought my computer from said he didn't have one and had only ever just used a phonebook or box to raise it up but Id rather just complete my set. 

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Do you still need one?

Do you still need one?

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If Batest1 doesnt need one i

If Batest1 doesnt need one i sure do. Send me a pm


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If all that you care about is

If all that you care about is elevating the monitor over the //c, these are fairly easy to fabricate using 1/4 inch plate, a a small tube/sleeve of steel, and a length of 1/"4-28 threaded rod with caps to tighten it down.  I don't have spare factory stands, but I could likely post all of the dimensions for anyone who wants to fabricate one.

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IIC monitor stand dimensions



I would really appreciate it if you could post the dimensions of the Apple IIC monitor stand.


I have an apprentice boiler maker at my disposal and the need for a stand.


Thank you for your assistance

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