Apple IIc problem

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Apple IIc problem
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maybe someone can help me to identify the problem of my Apple IIc.


When I start the computer he try to access the Floppy but he will not boot from it => Message "check disk"

Also random characters are appearing on the screen.

Sometimes after start it shows a prompt, and many random charaters appearing on the screen.

I attached also some screenshots to this message to show you the problem in a more visual way.


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Couple things to look for

You might have to crack the case open and take a look inside.

Check for corrosion on the motherboard, (top & bottom)

Check that the socketed chips are seated well. Might be a good idea to re-seat them.

Beyond that, you might be looking for bad RAM or other chips, RAM being a likely candidate.

Not much info here, but it's a start.  Good luck!

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