Apple IIe with C= 1084S

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Apple IIe with C= 1084S


I was wondering if I can use my Apple IIe with a Commodore 1084S. I connected everything and got a picture as well. But as it is a little bit blurred I'm wondering if this can be improved. Connected the RCA plug to the CVBS plug of the 1084S. Pictures show the screen on a LCD (svideo input), on a 1084S and the setup of the 1084S. Left button pushed, right button not.


Thanks for your help.


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Re: Apple IIe with C= 1084S

Hi, its funny that you would post this, just last night I completed making my rgb cable to connect to the 1084s-d1 (9pin). But from the pictures you are using the rca port. I have used the rca port and configured the push buttons to reflect that use, and by your pictures I don't recall my display as blurry as that. In fact in 40 columns it is sharp, and in 80 columns if I did not press one of the rear buttons it was only slightly blurry. one of the problems could be the rca cable itself, make sure you get a good constructed with gold connectors. Fortunately I have a iigs that has an onboard rgb and imo when I connect that to the monitor the picture and colors are very sharp and vibrant. Do yourself a favour and locate a rgb card and run the 1084s that way. If you need assistance in creating a cable, let me know.

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Re: Apple IIe with C= 1084S

It should be much clearer than that- seems something is wrong with your monitor (or much less likely, the cable).

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