Apple IIe Continuously Beeping on Startup

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Apple IIe Continuously Beeping on Startup

I'm new here. I haven't touched an Apple II since about 1985. I don't remember much about using them other than they were fun and accessable. I was 14 years old. My kids are getting close to that age and I'm hoping to give them the same experience I had.I aquired two IIe computers for free and I'm hoping to get at least one working. I have an electrical engineering background. So, how hard can it be? Haha.Well, I fired up the first one today. I get the "Apple IIe"  at the top then a bunch of scrolling jibberish and a continuous beeping (very loud and annoying).I removed all the cards (memory and super serial) and tried again. Same result.

I then held down the closed apple button while starting up and I see a bunch of raster graphic blocks and then I get "System OK".Any clues where my problem(s) might be? I searched for this topic and didn't find anything. I'm sure this is a common problem. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you.