Apple IIe: list of capacitors

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Apple IIe: list of capacitors

II bought my Apple IIe P.A.L.. made in Ireland - 820-0073-B, in the early 1980s.  Some years later, faced with the option of buying a Mac or an “IBM compatible”, I opted for the latter. Now I’d like to get the Apple working again.

My first step was to order a new power supply from Reactive Micro.  I installed it and checked the DC voltages which were all OK. I connected the PSU to the motherboard, removed the boards from all the slots and switched on. The power light on the keyboard lit up but there was no beep and the power light on the motherboard didn’t light up.  Soon after there was a smell and a small pillar of smoke rose from the capacitor at C17. 

II guess that my next step should be to replace the capacitors one by one.  I’ve spent hours searching the internet and downloading documents but have been unable to find a list of the capacitors, matching location to specification.  I live in Accra, Ghana and might have to choose from a limited range of available capacitors, so I’d like to know what alternative specs would work. Looking at the motherboard, I see C9, C12, C17, C15, L1 and L2 above the DC power socket and L4, L5 and L6 below it. They are tightly packed so matching size is important.

I’d be grateful for advice.

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C9, C12, C17 & C15 are all 10µF. You can replace them using radial capacitors rated at 16V.

You will find useful information in the Sams Computer Facts Apple IIe

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