Apple IIgs Desktop Color

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Apple IIgs Desktop Color

Got my IIgs all tricked out with 3½ and 5¼ floppies, two 20-MB partitions on a CMS SCSI Drive; everything works great.  Finished it off with an A2M6014 RGB Monitor.  Sharp!  No color fringes!  Only problem is... No matter what I set the desktop color in the Control Panel, the desktop is gray.  The DOS screens will be the designated desktop color, but the Desktop.Sys16 is always gray.  Even if I select "Standard" (medium blue/medium blue) in Control Panel, desktop is gray; DOS screens are medium blue, but desktop is gray.

All my knowledge is 40 years old at the other end of the product line.  At a loss.



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It looks like the whole

It looks like the whole interface, not just the desktop, is in black & white. I don't recall that there's a setting for that, is there? What OS version is this?

Do you have another GS/OS boot disk you could try?

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This is Mousedesk

According to the picture, this software is Mousedesk which, to my knowlegde, only supports black & white. So nothing to worry about here.

Like Tom said, you can try to boot GS/OS, it should be in color.

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