Apple III Floppy Sleeve

This is a PDF printable file for the Apple III Floppy diskette sleeve, it is true PDF format so quality printing is assured.


Download Apple III 525 inch floppy sleeve.pdf

Apple III 525 inch floppy sleeve.pdf


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Just in case nobody said so, Thank You for sharing!!

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If you have any original sleeves or floppy labelled disks, scan them at high res and send thrm to me, most can be recreated in high quality, great for display purposes and the real ones can be put away.

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Since this thread is currently featured on the front page, here are links to the other sleeves shown in the photo, which Khaibitgfx made:


As a side note: the disk in the center in the photo above is the only original one. One aspect of the original, which the laser-printed versions cannot reproduce, however, is the silver printing color. Original Apple /// sleeves are silver, not gray, just as many of the Apple /// manuals. But depending on the lighting and viewing angle you can barely see the difference. But if you ever stumble upon any disks on ebay or so, you know how to tell the difference. :)

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I made this stuff ages ago and it just sat on my hardware for years, interesting to see it come to life.


What program did you use to print them?


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Ha, I didn't give that much thought. I simply used whatever the default on my Linux machine was... :) Name seems to be evince. Work just fine. The only printing artifacts I noticed where with the dark gray background of the Broderbund sleeve. That was printed with some noticeable dithering pattern. But whether that was the result of the program or a limitation of my simple laser printer, I don't know.

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Everything is made with Adobe and Adobe seems to raise the stakes in required software constantly. Things get prickly when the PDF file has all sorts of fancy stuff live transparencies and complex meshes. In the end the only way to be sure things work correctly is to use a program that works on Windows and Mac where everything is paid for, that being said, when in doubt try something else.

I took one of the PDF files to a print shop and it was printed out on a mega thousand dollar printer and it was perfect, all the PDF files are 100% vectors and fonts which means everything should match the maximum quality of what it is viewed on or printed to as long as the software being used is used correctly and is fully Adobe compatible, and the beat goes on...