Various High Quality Disk Sleeves - not scanned reproductions

It is recommended that Adobe Acrobat be used as these files have been created with modern Adobe apps and use many up to date font features.


More to come as time permits.




Beautiful workmanship.


I like the nod to applefritter and the leading title pages for each pdf.


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Never hurts to have a place mentioning where the PDF originated.

Alot of the companies depicted on these sleeves are long gone, however many retro names are owned by Activision through long time mergers and acquisitions, whether they care about these old copyright materials, hard to say, most likely they have bigger fish to fry than these retro relics. The guy who did all the leisure suit Larry games tried to sell the original code for those games on eBay and was stopped by Activision, you have to assume they are not watching things to some degree.


I'm thinking about tackling the disk labels next, the only problem is getting high quality scans to look at not to mention the time.

Most of what is out there already is very low quality, and even when you get a good scan, some material is hard to work with due to how things were printed back long before high quality printers came along.

I have recreated many sleeves and labels n the past, in vector format. Lost a lot on a hard drive crash, but may be able to find some. Have Broderbund, MicroFun, Sierra, etc.

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I generally have never lost anything, however I keep everything on several different hds, most people nowadays put everything in remote storage.

Can't afford to loose anything, to much time consuming doing this kind of stuff.

With any luck you can recover all that good stuff.

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Everything is made with Adobe Illustrator and sometimes Photoshop.

If you use Illustrator for anything this collection of plugins is quite handy for optimization and finding errors.