Apple III + ProFile question

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Apple III + ProFile question

Evening folks,

On a whim the other day I connected up my A/// which has sat unused since maybe 2000-ish, and even then it was only probably powered up to see if it did anything after I was crashed into bringing it home.

Once the smoke had cleared from the 0.22uF cap in the PSU (and I'd replaced it) I set to downloading diagnostics etc with the help of ADTPro, worked nicely. Diagnostics fine, Utilities disk can see my ProFile card in slot 4 and even my 110V ProFile (off a step-down transformer) worked and eventually gave me a READY light!

Picking myself off the floor I figured it'd be nice to get the /// booting from the ProFile. Only it seems that you can't. Best you can do is use the 'ProFile Driver and System Utilities' disk to copy SOS files over and/or put PROFILE.DRIVER onto a SOS boot floppy.

I can't see an image of this floppy on either Asimov or, just 'utilities' and 'profile driver' images. The ProFile manual implies that this is a single floppy that Does Everything.

Back in the day did people just manually add PROFILE.DRIVER to their boot disks?

Any insight appreciated before I give up and replace the failed ProFile on my Lisa Smile



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Re: Apple III + ProFile question


As far as I know, profile on a /// was just a storage device. To make it a bootable profile you would have to take it over to a lisa.

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