Apple III video question

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Apple III video question


At the VCF Museum we are adding some LCD TVs to some of our displays for systems that are on display shelves that are not at desk level. We have an Apple III that we want to hook up to one of these TV monitors. I know the they work with 40 column Apple II systems, but the Apple III is 80 column video.

I can't seem to get it working with composite video on the TV (my guess is the 14mhz vs 7mhz dot rate is the issue), but does anyone have any experience with any converter boxes to HDMI with the Apple III and any recommendations on which one to try?


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My Apple III's and my Apple

My Apple III's and my Apple IIe's (with 80 column card) composite output work just fine with the composite input of my Samsung TV. Out of the box, no adapter required. So, at least some TVs will just work.

Disclaimer: my machines are EU models though, so they are producing 50Hz/PAL composite signals. At least the 14 MHz do not seem to be an issue for a modern TV (PAL uses 14,25045 MHz vs NTSC with 14,3181 MHz).



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