Apple Pascal on IIGS

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Apple Pascal on IIGS

Has anyone successfully used Apple Pascal on a IIGS? I have a ROM 01 IIGS with two 3.5 drives and one 5.25 drive. I thought I would be able to find a 800K disk image of Apple Pascal 1.3 somewhere, but I was unsuccessful. I have also tried to use Floopy EMU as a second 5.25 drive. I have tried Apple Pascal 1 disk in the real 5.25 drive and Apple Pascal 2 disk in the Floppy EMU and the Apple Pascal 1 disk seems to boot okay, but the Floppy EMU blinks a few times, but all that is on the screen is a square character in the upper left corner of the screen. I'd appreciate any suggestions on how to get Apple Pascal running on the IIGS.

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Do you want to create an

Do you want to create an Apple Pascal volume, or do yo simply want a good version of Pascal for the //gs?


Volumes under Apple Pascal 1.x are noteworthy for requiring fully contiguous data; so, you will end up with volumes that have 600K of data on an 800K diskette, ansds yet be full, and I suppose this could create issues with some disk image formats. The only real reason to use Pascal 1.3 is if you have a selection of Pascal P-machine software, and you want to store it on a larger volume. 



For GS/OS, I suggest this:



P.S. I did find this shrinkit image, that purports to contain a patch for Pascal ProFile manager that will allow using 3.5 drives and SCSi drives:




ShrinkIt archive of a disk containing Pascal ProFile Manager patched so that PPM will work with 3.5 inch drives and drives connected to Apple SCSI cards.




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