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Apple PowerCD help

I have an apple powercd player, but no ac adapter.  I was wondering if anyone knew the specs for the ac adapter.  i read on the forum that it was 10v 1a, but then ive read elsewhere that its 8.8v .  i also read you could use a powerbook pb1xx ac adapter but they seem to be higher voltage and amperage.   any help on identifing the proper power requirements would be great.


im also looking for an 8pin mini din av cable to hook it up to a t.v., but i havnt been able to find one.  i thought i would make one, but i dont have the pinout for it.

if anyone has that information that would also be awesome.

thank you.

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A comment on this page: https

A comment on this page:

...says that the AC adapter outputs 10volts DC at 1 amp, and the barrel plug connector is center-positive. The voltage is the most important part; if the power supply is higher than that, you could damage the PowerCD. 1 amp is what the device will draw at most, and there's no harm if the power supply can offer more. Center-positive plugs are common and the majority of AC adapters will be wired this way, but the label on the adapter should list the polarity. If it's center-negative, again, you could damage the PowerCD.

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PowerCD - DC Input

Having stumbled across my old PowerCD this afternoon I can confirm it takes 10V at 1.2 Amps.  A bit more searching turned up the power adapter I'd previously been using with it, centre-postive, 13.5V 1.1A. Not quite the precise specifications but it's the one that came with it when I bought *mumbles*20*mumbles* years ago.  Still works fine having just powered it up and put a CD in it too!


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