Apple Technical Publications Collection Part 1

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Apple Technical Publications Collection Part 1

I have decided to sell my Apple Technical Publications collection. Part 1 is listed below. They are listed by Publication Number, then Title. Most are new, some still in shrinkwrap (where indicated). If there is more than one of a particular title the exact number is listed in parenthesis. At this point I do not want to split it up so I am entertaining offers. Make sure your offer includes shipping (books are heavy, but can go Book Rate CONUS). PayPal ONLY. PM me your offer and I will let you know within 24 hours. Part 2 will follow tomorrow.

010-0014-A AppleTalk Remote Access (Information Card)
030-0043-A LocalTalk Cable System Owner’s Guide (2)
030-0361-A Apple II ProDOS User’s Manual
030-0408-A Apple II 80-Column Text Card Manual For IIe Only
030-0487-A AppleTalk Remote Access User’s Guide for Macintosh computers
030-0496-A Apple II Extended 80-Column Text Card Supplement For IIe Only
030-0598-A Apple II Monitor II User’s Manual
030-0688-B Macintosh MACWRITE
030-0715-A Apple DUODISK Owner’s Manual
030-0730-A Apple Imagewriter User’s Manual Part 1: Reference
030-0899-A Apple IIe ProDOS Supplement to the Apple IIe Owner’s Manual
030-0955-B Apple SCSI Cable System
030-1487-A Apple Scanner Owner’s Guide
030-1639-A HyperTalk Beginner’s Guide: An Introduction to Scripting (shrinkwrapped)
030-1701-A Apple Extended Keyboard II Owner’s Guide
030-1922-A Creating a Healthy Work Environment
030-1963-A Personal LaserWriter LS User’s Guide
030-1979-A Read This First Getting Started With Your Macintosh LC II
030-2001-A Apple Personal Modem User’s Manual
030-2002-C ImageWriter II Owner’s Manual
030-2186-A Apple Scanner Quick Reference Card
030-2637-B StyleWriter II User’s Guide
030-2651-A Macintosh User’s Guide for desktop Macintosh computers (shrinkwrapped) (2)
030-2780-A Getting started with type
030-3081-C HyperCard User’s Guide (shrinkwrapped) (2)
030-3081-D HyperCard User’s Guide (shrinkwrapped)
030-3278-B Macintosh Portable Handbook
030-3280-B Macintosh Portable Owner’s Guide
030-3283-A Macintosh Utilities User’s Guide
030-3294-A Macintosh Plus Owner’s Guide
030-3370-A Macintosh SE Owner’s Guide
030-3399-A Macintosh System Software User’s Guide Version 6.0.4 (shrinkwrapped)
030-3418-A Macintosh Utilities User’s Guide (shrinkwrapped)
030-3450-B LaserWriter IINT/NTX Owner’s Guide
030-3543-A HyperCard Basics SYSTEM 7 (includes Floppies)
030-3543-B HyperCard Basics
030-3583-A Read This First Getting Started With Your Macintosh Quadra 700
030-3650-A Packing List for Macintosh Quadra 700
030-3858-A Personal LaserWriter 300 User’s Guide
030-3920-A Setting Up Your Macintosh Portable
030-3930-B Macintosh Portable Handbook With information on special features
030-3935-A What’s New in System 7
030-3936-A Macintosh Networking Reference SYSTEM 7
030-3943-A System 7 Group Upgrade Guide
030-3955-A System 7: Compatibility With Selected Hardware and Software
030-4014-A Getting Started With Your Macintosh (shrinkwrapped)