Assembled GEN2 ACI and Datanetics keyboard

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Assembled GEN2 ACI and Datanetics keyboard

I acquired some blank 2K bipolar PROMs and put together a few assembled GEN2 ACI for those who want the ACI in assembled form and tested. These have Bernie's useful extended format page PROM. You will find loading and saving programs using cassette recorder more reliable and enjoyable, and IMHO Apple 1 is not complete without the ACI. I include two 3.5mm audio cable and one cassette with Basic on one side. It is available from below ebay link or you can also PM me for $230 shipped by Paypal invoice. 


Assembled and Tested GEN2 Improved ACI Apple Cassette Interface - 1 I Newton NTI | eBay


I also have some assembled Datanetics keyboard set for $150 plus $48 by expedited international service. I can also combine the ACI and keyboard into the same box for $370 plus shipping.


Datanetics Rev B Keyboard replica for Apple 1 I - Newton NTI ++200 sets sold++ | eBay