Best diagnostic software Apple IIe

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Which one?


The place to look is:


FWIW, the main ones I used back in the day were the Apple Dealer Diagnostics and XPS.



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After running XPS I get checksum errors on the System Roms.

One question: 

The Enchaned chips to convert an Apple II to a Apple IIe. I have 4 chips. CPU, CDROM, EF ROM and Video. Do I need to change the 341-015xKEyboard Rom and the AY3600-PRo ROMS as well? 

As these were not changed. Could that be the cause of the System Rom checksum errors







The keyboard ROMs are not in-system readable and will not cause diagnostics on ROM checksums to fail.  Make sure you have the right version of XPS that knows about the Enhanced ROMs, the early versions were only designed for the original ROMs.  I'm sure you already knew that, but just in case.  Even the VIDEO ROM is not checked by the diagnostics because it is not in-system readable either.


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Converting an Apple II to an Apple IIe isn't a matter of changing out the 6502 to a 65C02 and CD / EF ROM code that I'm aware of. (?)

The hardware is different between the 2 platforms.  (Maybe I don't understand what you are saying)  If you're talking straight IIe to enhanced, then it makes sense.

I don't believe you need to change out the Keyboard ROM. Just the microprocessor to 65C02, the CD/EF Roms and the Video ROM

I think he meant regular //e to Enhanced //e.  The ROM chips won't even fit in a ][ or ][+.  And I agree about the keyboard ROM, but you do need to change the Video ROM out in order to get Mousetext characters which a lot of software written for the Enhanced //e uses.  Well, some at least.  The machine shouldn't fail diagnostics with an unenhanced Video ROM, but some software may produce strange looking output.