cc65/AuxMemApple: Help needed!

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cc65/AuxMemApple: Help needed!
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Hi!  I'm Joseph Rose, a.k.a. Harry Potter.  I mainly program CBM computers with cc65 and want to work for the Apple 2 as well.  One of my projects is AuxMemApple.  It is an aux memory extension/library for an enhanced Aple 2e.  I haven't been working on it for a while but started again today.  I had to do a little debugging for a new version of cc65.  Right now, it is not working properly: ithe computer enters the Monitor at startup.  I analyzed the file with a hex displayer, and it starts with a $00.  I tried to disable the header as instructed.  Same issue.  I attached the .cfg and compile .bat files.  Any help would be appreciated.  BTW, I'm using a modified version of the cc65 Apple2enh Prodos 8 system configuration.