Cheap Upgrade Mac Pro 2013 Processor to 12 CORE

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Cheap Upgrade Mac Pro 2013 Processor to 12 CORE

The truth is that it is very interesting to double the processing capacity of your Mac Pro 2013 quad Core by mounting a 12 Core processor for only 170 euros, taking into account the thousands of euros that the highest model in the range of Apple, although that if the graphics card will remain the same but still according to my tests, the processing capacity goes from 3462 to 7252 (Geekbench 5.1.0) and the truth is that it is going very well and the change is noticeable


VideoAs you can see in the video, it is a somewhat long but relatively simple process, the only downside can be when disassembling the heat sink plate, where you can take a nut when you release the screw, but it is not complicated to loosen it as I explain in the video using a fine wrench to lock the nut.In the video you have the links to buy the processor and the thermal paste, which I recommend is of quality, courage and luck!