Cirtech Apple Iic CPM Module

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Cirtech Apple Iic CPM Module



Greetings from Dublin, Ireland.

Does anyone have experience using this add-on to an Apple IIc (it is one of the few add-on boards).  I am using it on the 'basic' IIc not the IIc plus.  It came with a computer I bought on eBay.  When I opened it to clean the internal drive I found the Cirtech card and with a little bit of research determined what is .  


It seems that the Citech card must boot from the Cirtech CPM Master disk which I do not have.  I have one CPM application disk which does boot OK (proving the card works) bu this disk does not have the full set of system command files.  Can any one point me in the right direction to obtaining the 5.25" Cirtech master boot CPM disk.  (there is 3.5" available for the Apple IIc PLUS but this is of no use to me).


Thank you