Color Classic wiring loom found.

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Color Classic wiring loom found.

I'm looking for that original ribbon-cable & connector loom you took out of your CC to do the Takky hack back in the day.


I've got a hack going where I would like to interface a 575 board with a VGA monitor, and the 575's loom has all the weird card-end connectors for the HDD and a giant extra one for the SCSI CD-ROM drive I don't want at all. It's too big to fit nicely in the case as is, and I have already ruined one trying to replace the SCSI ribbon.

The CC's loom is so simple and straight-forward; it just has one real 50-pin SCSI connector. If you have one in a closet, please contact me. I'm thinking US$20 + shipping as a starting price.

Got one. Never mind.