copying DOS-Master image

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copying DOS-Master image

Hi All,

Many years ago I created a DOS Master 1.7 image for use with my CFFA (Not CFFA3000) card. The initial setup of the image was done by Vince Briel, but I extended it to contain 100 DOS 3.3 games, and changed the splash screen to be all caps for those with ][ or ][+ machines. It took me quite some time to collate everything, as you can imagine. However, in the end my disk image was somehow 64mb in size, and not the standard 32mb partition size. I think I maybe made a mistake somewhere along the way, possibly with Ciderpress. 

Anyway, fast forward 10 years and I have been recently using my CFFA card again, and wanted to use a single 512mb CF card with multiple 32mb partitions containging various ProDOS images (including ProDOS 2.4.2 !!!). I also wanted one of the 32mb partitions to contain my 'DOS Master 100 games' image, but being a 64mb image, of course it wasn't possible...Easy I thought, just make a new blank image of 32mb in Ciderpress and copy all the files over...unfortunately this does not work, and when trying to boot, the machine crashes out into basic. I thought this may be because 100 games actually takes up more than 32mb. So as a test I went back to a much older version that Vince Briel initially created, which contained about 20 games and was a 16mb image. Again, I created an empty 32mb image in Ciderpress and copied all the files from the 16mb image to the new 32mb blank image...again, this did not boot.  :-(

So now I'm stuck. Seems I can't resize my DOS Master images up (or down) in size via the above Ciderpress method. Maybe Ciderpress doesn't copy the DOS 3.3 partitions??? Or maybe it's because I changed the partition name (just thought of that, so can test this tonight).

Anyway, hoping someone much smarter than I may have some thoughts on how I can get around this problem?