Copying floppys with Apple IIc

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Copying floppys with Apple IIc

Hi Apple folks,


I have Apple IIc with the original package and software disks that I run everyone now and then together with my other vintage computers. Well, I have one very early original Ultima game that I would like to back-up onto another floppy. What is the best way to go about in this, where can I easily find a program that could do this?


All help appreciated!


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There are many Apple ][ copy programs out there and you can find most of them here:


Programs of note are Locksmith, Copy II+ and EDD. These programs are better at copying protected software. Both Locksmith and Copy II+ have a sub-folder containing the various releases of these programs.


The general rule of thumb I always used back in the day was, if one copy program didn't work, try another.  :-)


Or for a very fast disk copy (if not heavily protected) try Disk Muncher.


Hope that helps!


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Disk Muncher is much slower

Disk Muncher is much slower that Locksmith's Fast Backup.

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