DCC6502 disassembler

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What is it ?

DCC6502 is a code disassembler for the MOS/Rockwell/Ricoh 6502 microprocessor. One of it's main goals was to be portable and this goal has been achieved by giving the source of the program (100% ANSI C) so that people can compile it on their platform. However, the copyrights are still mine and you cannot modify the sources without my authorization (this is NOT OPENSOURCE like many of my ther projects...).


  • Accurate cycle counting (with addressing mode modifiers)
  • Fast table-based disassembly
  • Portable
  • NES registers commenting (Comments are inserted when NES system registers are accessed)
  • STDOUT output that can be redirected and even pipelined (however useless that would be Smile
  • Hex output mode to see raw data before disassembly
  • Part of my NES dev kit


This would disassemble the first $600 bytes of code.bin to the file code.s, with cycle counting, NES comments and PC origin of $8000:

DCC6502 -n -c -o8000 -m0600 code.bin > code.s


  • DOS/Win95 version binary
  • UNIX source (ANSI C), also compiles under MSDOS.

The download link below contains both versions.

Contact information:

You can contact me for additions or bug reports at veilleux@ameth.org. [address no longer valid]

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