Deep Space Nine/Terok Nor

Type : Dual 1.25 GHz PowerPC G4 PowerMac (MDD)

Processor : 1.25 GHz

OS : OS 10.4.11 (Lion) - Build 85165


Graphics: nVIDIA GeForce Ti 4600 (128 MB VRAM)



#|----- Monitor -----|----- Connection -----|----- Notes -----
#|Apple Cinema Display (20")|ADC Port|.
#|Apple Cinema Display (20")|DVI Port|via Apple M8661LL/B DVI to ADC Display Adapter.
#|----------- AGP Cards -----------|---- Specs ----|----------- Notes -----------
1|nVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4600 video card|128 MB VRAM|.
#|----------- PCI Cards -----------|---- Specs ----|----------- Notes -----------
ID|- - ATA Bus 1 (ATA/33) - -|- Location -|- - - - - Notes - - - - -
M|DVD-RW|upper bay|stock Pioneer DVR-105
S|(open)|lower bay|.
ID|- - ATA Bus 2 (AT/66) - -|- Location -|- - - - - Notes - - - - -
ID|- - ATA Bus 3 (ATA/100) - -|- Location -|- - - - - Notes - - - - -
M|128GB HD|rear, back/bottom|"Deep Space Nine"/"Terok Nor"
S|149GB HD|rear, front/top|"Promenade"
ID|- - - Misc Hardware - - -|- Location -|- Notes -
.|Apple AirPort Card|stock slot|.
.|macally iBall|rear USB port|draws too much power when plugged in anywhere else
.|4TB USB HD|rear USB port|"Bajor" is the main archive on DS9 but sometimes gets moved to Defiant for my iTunes needs



================================ Fun Notes ================================

1. The alternate/back-up OS on the main drive is 'Terok Nor', a Classic instance that I cannot properly configure without the original install disk (still looking...)

2. "Promenade" is the dumping ground for A/V media.

3. This is the 'sweet spot' OS for me and this machine in that *ALL* of my Classic **AND** all of my current Cocoa devices will recognize and connect to it on the network.

4. Finally solved my OS 9 booting issues and he systems boots comfortably into OS 9.2.2 on demand.

5. Got a powered USB Hub so high power-drawing peripherals do not cause system complaints.


================================ Issues ===================================

1. The Studio Display has a bad capacitor and will not stay powered on - need to crack 'er open and check it out. Need to research any available tech/repair manuals and ensure I have the right tools before I even try...

2. The *ONE* app i would kill to run on this system is the latest version of Lego Digital Designer - the version that will run is too old for the pieces I want to model.

3. The DVD (Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-105) no longer works in Classic or Cocoa...


I love your naming scheme!


If it ever goes down just blame it on a dominion attack.

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I have been messing around with some upgrades to DS9 (none of which are documented above), which resulted in this machine having two SATA cards added, ported to some external boxes (with dedicated PSUs) with drives as big as 6TB.  While those cards (and boxes) could accommodate as many as 16 drives, I had not fully fleshed it out.  I was also working on upgrading the OS from 10.5 to 10.5 Server, having recently replaced the DVD (dead), with a new old stock drive.  I had resolved the problem of the PSU dying (due to overheat issues) by adding ventialtion to the case as well as keeping it open at a secure 30degree angle.


All in all, the machine was doing pretty well until it decided to not be so well.  From what I can tell, the PSU has died (making it a third fatality) or the logic board/mobo has died.


Since I am very much looking to maximize my assets, I was thinking of reusing the case and the internal cards/drives but running a Raspberry Pi4 instead.  This would solve a lot of my software issues.  Before I thow money at this, I am hoping some one out htere may have some ideas I had not thought of.  Here is my plan:

* The final product must look as stock as possible from the outside.

* I must be able to use the external SATA drives (since the ultimate lan for DS9 was to be a media/file server).

* I have 2x 64bit PCI-SATA cards (both Sonnet, each with 8 SATA ports).

* I have the AGP card with dual 20" Cinema Displays.

My intention is to remove the Mac mobo and insert a USB3-PCI riser/adapter to accommodate the 2 PCI cards I do have.

I will feed appropriate cable extenders/adaptors from the Raspberry to the existing ports for USB, Firewire, Ethernet, and Audio (in and out).  I will likely ignore the modem port (for now) as well as the speaker minijack.

I want (very badly) to retain my twin cinema displays.  I am hoping to find a way to shim the ATI Radeon 9000 Pro card into this scheme somehow via a USB3 or PCIe adapter that will accommodate the AGP card I have.  I will also need to ensure I feed it the 28V it needs to run everything.  Failing this, I need to find a way to adapt the ADC port to something the Pi will like.  The best option I have is getting a second DVI-to-ADC adapter box and then sending the Pi's HDMI out through a DVI dongle/adapter.  One this whole matter, your input is most helpful.



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Have you determined yet whether it's the motherboard or the PSU that's failed?My MDD is running on an ATX PSU, and the conversion wasn't too difficult from what I remember. 

Heh...I went looking for some info on my conversion, since it was so long ago, and delightfully found I'd documented it here:

MDD ATX PSU conversion


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I have not figured it out but this will help a lot, thanks!


the behavior seems like the last two times the PSU failed *but* the were some problems with it failing on data copies while moving things across my network onto DS9's storage.  Since the storage has independent PSUs, I know it was some logic error I was hitting or some other problem.


Since I had to have a RasPi tethered to it via a local router just to run Plex or any other file server and since I was fighting DVDs to get a good copy of X.5 Server in this, I figured it was more trouble than worth for me (odd and rare for me to say that).


I would be happy to rehome parts to a worthy cause once I get further along.  I may try to test the mobo once I get it back out to my bench in a few weeks.  Even if it is good, I will still proceed with the RasPi case mod.  Since I have a still-working 9609 ("Connie"), I may see if the geometry is even close (or still rehome it).  Too soon to say.