Did my monitor just kill my G3??

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Did my monitor just kill my G3??

Hi Everyone,

First post long time lurker,

Long story short i Just got a hold of 4 old Macs + a monitor:

- G3 Beige Desktop
- Powermac 7200/200 
- Mac Quadra 605
- MAc LC 
Apple CRT monitor

I booted up the G3 by itself and the light came on and it seemed to boot fine.

Booted the monitor by itself. it made the usual suspect noises of a CRT that probably hasn't been turned on in over 20 years but it illuminated and the light turned on.

I then booted them together and i saw the post screen + splash screen turn on but then the monitor started buzzing big time and then the G3 powered of and no longer turns on???

I then, being a glutton for punishment (+ ignorant) repeated the process with the MAC LC ::facepalm::
SAME RESULT Now the Mac LC wont power either

This has me bamboozled because i dont see how the monitor could damage the mac's themselves .....

So my question to any savvy users is ... did i blow the PSU's on the Mac's or do you think i fried the MOBO's?

Or any suggestions like maybe i just tripped something and they will work after they have some alone time?

Thanks in advance,

Take Care,


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What monitor is this,

What monitor is this, specifically?

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I have a Performa 460 that

I have a Performa 460 that uses the same or similar PSU as the LC, I think. The caps in this PSU failed on me from one week to another. I changed them and it has been fine since. The values are a bit uncommon, but the cost for repair was literally cents.

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