Dual Video Output Device?

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Dual Video Output Device?

I was wondering if anybody ever produced a second video out device for the Apple ][ line.  By this I mean a device that put out graphics, mapping a different memory segment than the ones typically used for HGR and DHGR graphics. 

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Nothing that outputs only te

Nothing that outputs only te signals that you want exists.


You can use the slot 7 video signals for that, I;d expect. I personally have dual ouput on a number of my machines, but I do it with either a Y cable or an RF Modulator, not by splitting specific signals to another scanner. 

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There were actually some

There were actually some cards that had their own video output and graphics memory. Far example the Arcade Board from Third Millenium and the SuperSprite from Synetix.

You can find a review of both in the February 84 edition of Creative Computing (pages 40 to 43).

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