Enhanced File Catalogs for Mac GUI Vault

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Enhanced File Catalogs for Mac GUI Vault

Today's Mac GUI Vault update brings enhanced file catalogs to over 70% of the 27,000 files currently in the Vault archive; that's almost 19,000 files. These file catalogs are in the search database too, so you can use them to find the programs that you're looking for. Some files, such as BinHex and BinSCII, will often have a description of the program in them; this description has also been copied out and is searchable.

The following file formats are cataloged: Binary II, BinHex 4.0, BinSCII, Compact Pro (Compactor), DiskCopy 4.2, DOS 3.3, MacBinary II, MFS, Pascal, ProDOS, ShrinkIt (NuFile), StuffIt 1.5.1, Universal Disk Image (2mg). In future, more formats will be available, including StuffIt 5 and HFS disks. My goal is to have at least 90% of the files in Mac GUI Vault cataloged.

Future updates will bring more screenshots to the Apple II programs in Vault, as well as the ability to search within files and convert between any format.

Mac GUI Vault opened on 09/09/09 with the goal of being a cataloged, searchable database of all vintage Apple II and Macintosh material.

Following are some example files with catalogs.

ShrinkIt archives:

ProDOS disks:

Pascal disks:

DOS 3.3 disks:

Binscii files containing a ShrinkIt archive. Notice that the BinSCII comment was also copied into the file description: