Error copying files from Vulcan to ADTPro Virtual drive

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Error copying files from Vulcan to ADTPro Virtual drive

I have an Applied Engineering AE  Vulcan 40MB in a //gs ROM 1.   I know the hard drive will not last forever, so I wish to make a backup image of it.

As a test, I have removed the hard drive temporarily and in its place put an IDE to CF adapter with a 32MB CF card.   I have booted from the Vulcan floppy and run Partition Manager, and created a 20MB partition and a 12MB partition on the CF card.  Then I copied all of the Vulcan floppy files to the new partition, and then created a folder and copied all of ADTPro 2.0.3 into it.  Finally I created another folder and copied all of COPY][PLUS 7.4 into it.

I used Apple Commander to create a new Virtual.po volume, and then after putting that file in the appropriate directory on my Raspberry Pi, I started up ADTPro, after first connecting the USB -> //gs modem port via a null modem cable of course.

I also copied the ADTPro Virtual Drive programs into the Vulcan CF "hard drive" ADTPRO folder, and ran the VSDRIVE program.


All that is the setup to the issue:


ISSUE:  When I copy files from the Vulcan to the Virtual Drive, I always get an error code $7C, and the copy fails.

I really would like to back up the original Vulcan physical hard drive, without 2 dozen 800k 3.5 floppies. :-)


Anyone have ideas what a $7C is?  I've googled and read both ProDOS and Copy][Plus error codes...  it is not listed that I can find.