found 128MB SIMM for the 575 for only $50 and free shipping

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found 128MB SIMM for the 575 for only $50 and free shipping

I found this link for a 128MB SIMM for my new 575 board:

They wanted $449.00 and I did not even look at shipping costs. What a rip off.

After about 4 or 5 hours on google, I found this web page from 2013 on a 575 CC 128MB SIMM upgrade:

The fellow is in Australia. He found a Samsung 128MB 32x36-60ns FPM SIMM KMM53632000AK-6U
that was plug and play in his 575 CC. The memory is cheap - $50 and free shipping.

The link I am posting below ships from California:

If the above link is broken, search ebay for item #121120127743

If the above item is sold out, search under "KMM53632000AK-6U"

As I write this (5/15/15) I see one more here:

The only down side to this SIMM upgrade is that the screw hole in your CC, which takes the original left back screw, has to be removed with your
dremel (or other) tool. The SIMM is tall and it hits the hole where the left screw screws into.

I think it is a very small price to pay.

So many of the links in the FAQ are dead. Maybe after I get my 575 tricked out, up and running, I can write up an additional FAQ with links that work. If anyone is interested in helping with this, please contact me off list. So many things like SD card to SCSI hard drives, CPU upgrades, heat sink, heat sink fans, fan upgrades, the list goes on and on. We need to put together a add on FAQ with links that work.

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