Franklin ACE 100 keyboard

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Franklin ACE 100 keyboard

So after some minor cleaning and reseating chips, My Franklin ACE 100 (not 1000), is ALIVE!  Floppies were way out of speed, but that did not take long either.  Of course the foam and foil keyboard is totally dead and I will order a set of pads from TexElec to revive the keyboard.  There is an extra board extending down from the keyboard on the power supply sided (possibly an encoder board), otherwise the keyboard looks much like the ACE 1000 with the standard DIP-16 keyboard cable like on a ][+.  The ACE 100 from March of 1982 was mostly a mass produced prototype (2000 produced) and most of them were given to investors so they could raise funds to mass produce the 1000 and later machines. I don't want to damage something because I'm in a hurry. Does anybody know if I can just plug in a keyboard from the 1000 to do more testing while I wait for the UPS man to bring the keyboard pads?


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I'm pretty sure the ACE 100

I'm pretty sure the ACE 100 and ACE 1000/1200 all use the same keyboard pinout as an Apple ][/][+ and most other ][+ clones.  I knew people who used surplus Franklin keyboards on Apple ][+ back in the day (custom enclosure, long ribbon cable).  I have also used PS/2 adapters in Franklin motherboards and they work fine.


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