FS: (2) Apple ][e, ton of games, ][c system disks

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FS: (2) Apple ][e, ton of games, ][c system disks

Link above 'should' list all my auctions going on Ebay.

I have two Apple IIe's,

1 beige, 80COL expansion card, Disk II setup, APL card, dirty

1 beige, 80COL, Super Serial Card, and I/O controller, comes with a tested 5.25" drive.

Also listed is a bunch of different games and system disks for the IIc

As well as a Performa 475 which I think needs a PRAM battery,

An external SCSI 600e CD drive tested to be working

A Performa 6115CD computer with a loose video port in back.

and a bunch more misc stuff.

If you're overseas and shipping is high it's because I selected only UPS. Contact me and we can work it out.

Thank you folks.