FS: PowerBook 180c (SOLD)

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FS: PowerBook 180c (SOLD)

SOLD to a forum member

I have a PowerBook 180c that I tried to rescue from eBay. It looked in good condition, but looks were deceiving. It turned out to have a failed hard drive and is stuck in a start up chime loop. At this point it's beyond my budget to repair in a timely fashion. The case is not is such great shape either.

However, there are some pros to this thing. The active matrix color display is still in great shape and I have the original AC adapter.*

Here are some pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/23750647@N07/sets/72157625930850776/

I'm sure there's somebody here that wants take this off my hands. All I ask is that you pay shipping. ($15 USPS priority mail from SF California)

PM me for more info if interested.

(*I also have a PowerBook 190 system board for sale with borken battery contacts, that I'd give up for the price of shipping.)