The Fun Of Old Your First Computer and other Books.

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The Fun Of Old Your First Computer and other Books.

One of things I did was collect a very small amount of vintage computer books. For example the on in the Title. Your First Computer. We are talking 1976-(say) 1985 books or so. The book I was looking at the other day had an apple II in it. I never paid attention. I always thought it was a 2 plus. It is one of the later Apple II since it has air vents in the side. But the book and the picture explained it was just an apple II. A good book shows pictures, contact information, specs, accessories, and even sometimes  a footnote saying the programs can be used in a actual computer and what computer that is. To me it is stepping back in time and I try to imagine what it was like purchasing these books. Then using them to make an informative decision on what to purchase. Like the book above was third printing of 1983. I was 7 or 8 when that book came out. The only few things I remember from that age was TI computer from Elementry school. My parents taking me to Computer Land. Not realizing they could never pay for such a treat. Finally it would be National Geographics and articles like. Nasa is upgrading a Mainframe and they would have pictures of old ones being removed for scrap. This until the internet came around or when I went to work for the town's local computer store. Was the only way I heard about vintage computers. Oh well that and if somebody donated something to the local thrift store. I remember one time walking in and nothing but large 9 track tape drives. When they left I asked what happened to them. From my understanding they went to a good home. Some other company around town gobbled them up to use as spares.