Game of LIFE disassembly

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Game of LIFE disassembly


if you enjoy 6502 machine code, I've dissassembled and commented LIFE (Conway's Game of for the the Apple-1).

The binary is 440 bytes, the disassembly is 388 source code lines, fully commented. You can open it here on my github page:

It took me several iterations before I could figure out it all, naming all variables, isolating subroutines and fully understand what they do. A lot of work, but also lot of fun!

The only thing I could not grasp in full is the random number generator (GETRAND routine at line 330): it seems to be a sort of LFSR but not like the ones I've seen so far. If you have any clue, please write down in the comments.

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Game of LIFE for Apple II

I enjoy 6502 machine code. I've written very rudimentary and sometimes very crude random number generators, but I haven't much of a clue on the use of this sort of linear feedback shift register. Obviously, the idea is to generate pseudo-random numbers.

I made modifications to make the program work on the Apple II.

Having little to no luck posting multi-line code on this forum, I've posted the code over here:





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That's really neat, thank you

That's really neat, thank you for sharing.


On the other forum at least if you make a .txt file and put it in a .zip file it will let you attach that to a post. 

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