Garbled screen on Apple II europlus

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Garbled screen on Apple II europlus

Hi, I am relativly new to Apple II. Up to now I mainly used and repaired Commodore computers.

Now I started with restoring my first Apple II europlus and ran into my first problems, right after cleaning the maschine and boards. First problem was easy to solve, it was just a blown up C1 in the PSU. But my swcond problem, I do not know, where to start the diagnostics.
The maschine just shows ? and inverted @ when I switch it on. Nothing further is happening. I built up a minimal configuration (Just the language card is inserted), without any success.

On a second unit (Apple II Clone) I get the same screen, but just a second, then shows up Apple ][ and the ]–prompt.

So could you guve my an advice, where to start the diagnostic? - As said, I have a working clone and additionally a second board in unknown condition.