Going to make an Apple //e PDS card Y-cable replacement, is anyone interested?

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Going to make an Apple //e PDS card Y-cable replacement, is anyone interested?

I recently found a good deal on a 5.25" floppy drive on schmebay, but I don't have the ever-elusive Y-cable to conect it to the Apple //e PDS card in my Mac.  I found this:  https://www.applefritter.com/content/pcb-replacement-lc-apple-iie-card-y-cable-590-0703-limited-supply  but it seems like the guy who made these is no longer doing so.

I have some experience in PCB CAD, and I'm essentially going to make something very similar, but I have access to a 3D printer so I'll be able to make a proper case for it (yay for ESD prevention).  I'm making a post here to see if anyone would be interested in buying one of these adapters from me, as I know the trouble of trying to look for something to connect your peripherals to this card.

To clarify, this breakout box/card/whatever you want to call it will have a DB-19 female connector on it, not an IDC header for connecting to a FloppyEmu.

I should note that I haven't designed anything yet, but I'm asking if there's interest so I can order appropriate amounts of parts and PCBs and save on shipping costs (and thus be able to sell them for less), and also get them to those who need them more quickly.

The price (assembled, and with the 3D-printed case) will probably be somewhere around $10 to $15 (not including shipping).  I think that's leagues better than trying to buy one of the original cables.

Also, I'm not going to charge any ridiculous markup for this.  I plan to sell these at about how much it costs me to make them (plus maybe $1 or $2 or my pocket).  I was originally going to make this just for myself, but I thought why not help the community?