good source for an LCD screen

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good source for an LCD screen

I need an LCD that can be run off of VGA and has a diagonal no greater than 14.5 inches. I would like 1024x on the resolution but could settle for 800x.

My iBook (clamshell 300MHz) is now dead but I do not know if this LCD can be driven by a VGA output. If so, then I have what I need (except for the resolution).

Can someone throw a few ideas out here on what may be a good source for an LCD screen and if my iBook screen comes close?


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search term is "XGA"

Check out the NEC LCD1525X... you aren't going to find very many LCDs in that size.

The internal connection between the iBook and its display is not VGA, but a digital signal like LVDS.

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You don't specify whether you are looking for a bare LCD, or an actual monitor/display.  Nor whether you need 4x3 or can use 16x9.  I assume 4x3.  If you need the bare screen, the above, or any of the old 14" LCD displays on Ebay can be removed from their housing.  Unless you have very specific space constraints, gutting an old 14" LCD is very doable.

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