Graphics, sounds, and read/write

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Graphics, sounds, and read/write

Hi all.

Greetings from a first-time poster.

I'm trying to resurrect my old apple programming days. I'm running Winapple in enhanced IIe mode on Acer desktop with Win 7. I use Beagle Graphics to get into DHGR mode and Beagle Program Writer for editing. I'm programming in applesoft BASIC.

I am writing a RPG which requires moving between different programs (Temple, Guild, Market, etc). Sometimes pressing the desired key, EG 'M' for Market doesn't always work. The program just prints “RUN MARKET” and ends (because I put an END line. I know it shouldn't be necessary but I use it for testing purposes so my program doesn't wander off to strange locations).

I created a sequence of programs. INTRO checks a text file I created called PSLOT to see which of 4 slots are available to use, and allows the user to chose which one they want to assign to themselves. Completion of INTRO runs FIRSTVISIT (where characters are created). Completion of FIRSTVISIT runs MARKET where characters can heal, purchase, level up, save, etc. Market was originally one very large program. I have broken it up into individual programs. Since doing that my MARKET program no longer runs the relevant selection (IE: if in MARKET program and the user types 'G' for guild the guild program won't load). Is my coding below correct? What else may cause this not to work?

Problem 1-
Input line
190 VTAB 22 : PRINT ”VISIT >” : VTAB22 : HTAB9 : GETZZ$

Which do I use?
-= or =-
200 IF ZZ$ = “M” THEN 290
(210-280) other IF statements
285?"285 RUN PROGRAM ERROR":END (for my debugging only)
295 END

Problem 2-
When reading/writing data I use
20 ?NA$, ?AR$, ?PO..... (and so on)

This usually works. In problems 1 & 2 the words “RUN STORE” or “OPEN CHAR1” appear on screen. I'm pretty sure that shouldn't happen. Even if it does load the desired program I'm sure they shouldn't appear on screen. I've successfully been saving/loading character data as different programs load, but it still doesn't feel 'right'.

Problem 3-
How do I get my own program to “BRUN DHGR” on Beagle Graphics automatically? DHGR converts the display from 40 columns to 80. At the moment I have to load it manually, but that won't work for a finished product. I tried PRINT CHR$ (4):”BRUN DHGR” but that doesn't work. Do I need some lines of code? Or is the another way to get into 80 columns?

Problem 4-
Both Beagle Graphics and Graphics Magician do not recognise my mouse or graphics tablet. The cursor remains jammed in the top left corner of GM, but the crosshairs at the border of the screen will move as I move mouse or pen. In both programs I get some sort of keyboard capability- but you can't draw with a keyboard, lol. Is there a solution to this?
Is it possible to create suitable resolution images in Photoshop and them somehow get them into either program, or directly into my own BASIC program.

Problem 5-
Does anybody have a link to Nibble Duet, preferably with manual. Also, looking for a sound tutorial. I assume there's two basic ways-
Write lines of code to generate sound, or create and BLOAD a brinary file.
Both of which will have to be PEEKed at the required moment in the program, correct?

Thanks heaps.

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Re: Graphics, sounds, and read/write
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Re: Graphics, sounds, and read/write

Here is one possibility for both problem 1 and 2:
If you PRINT "TEXT WITHOUT A RETURN"; and PRINT CHR$(4)"RUN MY PROGRAM", it will display the text and not run the program.
Make sure to PRINT a carriage return before you PRINT CHR$(4);"RUN MY PROGRAM" or PRINT CHR$(4)"OPEN MY FILE"

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