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][gs set up

I have an Apple ][gs that was left in the attic when my dad bought the house. My son, 12yrs old with Autism, loves vintage computers and I have been unsuccessfully trying for a year to get this one running for him. The disks that were with it, I accidentally formatted and erased disk 1, I ordered another set online and when I load disk 1 I get to where I insert disk 2 and then I get an error saying it can't find PRODOS.. I know my terminology is not great, but, it has been almost 30yrs since I have worked with a computer this old...so I guess i am really a noob... :).....how do i fix this!!?

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Re: ][gs set up

What is on the disks that you are booting? ProDOS? GS/OS? Version? Are the disks freshly written or are they as vintage as the computer? Originals or copies? 5 1/4 or 3 1/2? That's a start.

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Re: ][gs set up

The good news is that it sounds like you can at least successfully boot the machine. Now, it sounds like your problem is obtaining bootable media.

As BillW asks - can you provide information on what exactly you have right now?

You stated that you "ordered another set" online. What exactly did you order?

You may want to read up next on "ADTPro (link)" - this may be a little tricky if you are a little rusty on this era of computer; but most of the trouble of setting up is on the PC side (Java environment), in my opinion. ADTPro will let you download copies (images) of software from archives online and transfer to the older Apple II media as needed. You'll need some adapters, which are explained on the ADTPro site - linked above.

It will be about a $40 investment (or perhaps more if you need the correct blank media) if you order the parts via the RetroFloppy link at the aforementioned ADTPro site. However, it will probably be worth it if your son would be interested in the wealth of Apple II software that is available out there.

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