GSOS Shrinkit NDA? other questions

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GSOS Shrinkit NDA? other questions

GShrink works, but is there an NDA that lets you unshrink directly from the Finder? or a Finder replacement NDA that handles shrink or other compressed files?

Also, wondering how the IIGS numbers drives. I wanted to use a 32Mb Prodos image as the Fonts directory, using Sheppy's FontRedir Utility, but it keeps searching for a 3.5" floppy and endlessly asking me to insert DEV2 after I changed the *:SYSTEM:Fonts setting to DEV2:FONTSDISKII. 

Icon Info says DEV1 is the 1st 32mb .po Prodos image, and DEV2 is the 2nd 32mb FONTSDISKII.po image as the 2nd disk loaded by the CFFA3K card.

I have two 3.5" drives connected, so should I try DEV4:FONTSDISKII instead? I'd like to leave the 2 floppy drives connected. There's no mention of how to do this in the .doc file that comes with the program.