The GT-6144 Graphics Board

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The GT-6144 Graphics Board

Hey all, I was reading through the Apple 1 Owners Club pages and rediscovered the section that mentions the ability to give your Apple 1 graphics with the SWTPC GT-6144 Graphics Board:

More info here:

I was wondering if anyone around here has this hooked up to a Mimeo or original Apple 1, if anyone's ever seen this in action, and whether or not any of these boards are still around - I can't imagine they're at all common.

Do any other solutions exist for adding basic graphical capabilities to the Apple 1, beyond ASCII? Just something I was wondering about recently, thanks!

EDIT: I apologize as I should have looked around further before posting as it appears one A1 owner has indeed recently gotten a board working (

It also appears as though someone tried crafting an emulator using Arduino (

Does anyone know if this project or a similar emulator exists and has come to fruition?