Help with my CC

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Help with my CC

Hi all,
I just dug out my Colour Classic from storage. First time it has seen the light of day for over ten years now. I plan to restore its color with a retro-bright treatment once I am done with my Apple IIc, but that is not the problem. My original OS diskettes were no where to be found ( no idea where they disappeared to)and I had wiped and reformatted the hard drive before I stored it. Downloading a compatible OS from Apple is a problem for me since my only modern PC is a windows 8 notebook with just a dvd drive....don't see a way to get the OS from it to the CC? I would be willing to pay for a copy of or and original set of disk with a compatible OS for the CC. I really want to get the CC up and running again....if you can help me out please pm me.


Never mind.....found a small box in the attic with all my missing disk....The CC still runs perfectly after all these years Smile