Help with Scott Instruments VET/2 Voice Entry Terminal

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Help with Scott Instruments VET/2 Voice Entry Terminal
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Got a Scott Instruments VET/2 and was wondering if anyone had any info/manuals/software/knowledge/whatever!

Had little luck searching here and online other than basic description.

If it helps any, in the photo of the interface card the top left cable coming out of the card (marked "ROM Only" was attached to the 74LS11 socket on an Integer ROM card. The bottom cable is in the center RAM socket of the top row of ram on the MOBO directly under the card. The top right cable coming out of the card is in the 74LS139 socket on the MOBO.

The xlr jack on the back of the box itself is obviously for the microphone and the cable connections allow the box to communicate with the computer.

If anyone is interested I will gladly take detailed up-close photos of all the components.

My issue do I test/use it? I understand its purpose in life, just have no means to (if it works) utilize it.

At a loss for words Wink