Heuristics SpeechLab Voice Recognition

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Heuristics SpeechLab Voice Recognition

I just recently acquired a Heuristics SpeechLab Voice Recognition model 20A card for the Apple II along with the microphone for it. I am trying to find any user manual or documentation and perhaps software for the card. This is the model 20A, the first one for the Apple II, it is not the H2000 or the S100 bus versions of the card. I messaged someone who posted about this a couple years ago, but no reply from Keatah. All help is appreciated.

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Heuristics SpeechLab Voice Recognition

Hi, have you tried this one? https://www.brutaldeluxe.fr/projects/cassettes/heuristics/

I am curious to know what's the robot demo for the speechlab card about.

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Here there are


Here you'll find the manual, appendix and demonstration disk.


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